Until the summer of 2008, a group of us were attending Adult Education classes and had been religiously paying our money for a few years.  We felt that we had gone as far as we could through Adult Education and decided to set up our own Art Club.  In the past we had held two exhibitions, the second of which, under the BraveArt banner proved to be very successful, and so the East Dorset BraveArt Society (EDBAS) was born.

We held our first meeting in August 2008 at Holton Lee – an idyllic setting which has now become too cramped for our increasing membership.  Since April 2009 we have been meeting once a week at Upton Community Centre, Poole.

We split our year into three seasons each of at least 14 weeks and we all make every effort to attend the Tuesday sessions.  As an Art Club we work to a pre-designed programme and provide encouragement and support to each other.  We have members who enjoy working in all media from pencils to watercolour, acrylics to oils, pastels to line and wash; and there is always somebody experimenting with a new technique.  We also enjoy a good chat about life in general and art specifically.  The programme is not compulsory, if somebody doesn’t want to work to the programme they just carry on with something else, there is no pressure.

Though we are not a teaching Society, help and advice is readily available from the more experienced artists present and if you want to know what people think of your work, other members are always ready with an honest opinion.

Please check out the information on the other pages of our website.

A new website will take over from this site shortly – click here to see edbas.co.uk


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